Hello Kitty Birthday Party Themed Ideas – Part I

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Hello Kitty is a popular fictional feline that is well loved by girls of all ages. If your kid is crazy about this fictional feline, throwing a Hello Kitty themed birthday party for her is a purrfect idea!

However, many parents are concerned about the cost of throwing a themed birthday party, it is actually not necessary the case. You can pick and choose certain party items and alter them to match your Hello Kitty theme, for example, the food, cake, décoration, outfits and tablewares. Some of these party items are in fact made readily and could be bought from party supply shops. See below for some ideas and where to get them in Singapore.

Hello Kitty Food Ideas


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#1. Cookies

Hello Kitty cookies not only make a wonderful party snacks but a great party favors. Many bakers have created many cute yet delicious Hello Kitty cookies. Kids would love them because their favorite cartoon character can be made in their favorite flavors. In Singapore, you can find Hello Kitty cookies in some cake shops, one of them is Cupcakes Singapore. The cookies come in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head in either frosted or unfrosted version.

Cupcakes Singapore
Tel: 8558 0364



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#2. Donuts

If you are a fan of Breadtalk, you definitely have seen these delicious Hello Kitty donuts in their outlets before. They are called the “Kitty in Black” and “Kitty in White” donuts. Unfortunately, these dark and white chocolate donuts are only available during certain promotion period. Still, you can try making yourself if you want them badly for your girl’s birthday. You can either bake them from scratch or buy some ready-made donuts and decorate them with vanilla cream, nutella chocolate and Hello Kitty’s red bow.

Below is a step-by-step video on how to make a Hello Kitty donuts from scratch. They might look a little bit different from Breadtalk donuts but at the end they are still look addictive and delicious.


#3. Drinks

Drinks are part of a party but somehow you can’t find Hello Kitty soda or can drinks in Singapore. Nevertheless, you can DIY a drink to suit the Hello Kitty theme. You can either use a Hello Kitty party paper cup to serve the kid’s favorite drink or do something creative with the cup if you don’t favor paper cup for environment sake.



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Hello Kitty Party Paper Cup
(9 ounces hot/cold cup. Includes 8 in a pack)

The Party Stuff
Tel: 6222 9628


You can collect used soft drink bottles; clean, wash and use them to serve drinks. Decorate the drink bottles with pink striped straws tied with pretty Hello Kitty bow (see picture at the right for idea). To make the Hello Kitty bow, you can buy the ribbon from any art & craft shops such as The Riboon Shop at North Bridge Road. Fill the bottles up with chilled red Ribena. It should make a healthy and beautiful drink for your guests.

The Ribbon Shop
Tel: 6298 8000


Hello Kitty Birthday Cake & Cupcake Ideas

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#1. Cake

A lovely cake is a must for birthday party especially for a sweet theme such as Hello Kitty. You can get a gorgeous looking Hello Kitty cake from Cake Avenue at Kilat Centre. It offers 2 tier and 1 tier cakes with Hello Kitty fondant topper. You can also have the cake in the shape of the head of Hello Kitty.

Cake Avenue
Tel: 6877 9008

#2. Macaron

Macaron, the delicate French confectionery has become a hit for birthday parties in recent years and bakers have created many stunning and mouth-watering macarons. So why not get some Hello Kitty macaron for your kid’s birthday. You can see many of these available in local cake shops. One of them is Bonheur Patisserie at Raffles City and their all-time bestsellers is Hello Kitty macarons. Their macarons are in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head. You can order the macarons by calling their number or walk-in.

Bonheur Patisserie
6466 1498

#3. Agar Agar Cake

Want to have an unusual cake for your party guests? Why not try agar agar cake? 3D Agar Agar offers 3D agar agar cakes. The agar agar cake is in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head. Some designs include a big Hello Kitty head with smaller Hello Kitty heads surround the big one. Apart from big Hello Kitty agar agar cakes, you can have individual packed Hello Kitty agar agar too if you can’t bear to cut the head of the cute Hello kitty.

3D Agar Agar & Jelly Cake
9388 4055



#4. Cupcake

Cake is a must in birthday party but cupcake play an equally important role if you don’t want messiness cutting up a cake. Each of your guests will have their own little cake so no more fighting over who get that slice of cake with the cutest figurine. Every cupcake has the same adorable Hello Kitty topper which will make any mother’s job a lot easier. However, you still can have different design, colors and flavors for the Hello Kitty cupcake as shown in the picture above. You can get them from an online store at, they do not have a physical store and take order only via email.
6877 9008


Hello Kitty Party Themed Decoration


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#1. Balloon

Colorful balloon is a must in birthday party as it adds color, fun and delights to the guests. You will be amazed there are so many Hello Kitty themed balloon packages in the market. The DIY package include a 30” Hello Kitty Balloon, 105 normal balloons, colored papers, curling ribbon, balloon sizer and colored streamers. They are sold as uninflated packages and you can easily inflate and decorate yourself. Alternatively, you can ask the supplier to inflate with helium and deliver to you.

This DIY package can be found at Party Wholesale Centre. They also have 50 inch Hello Kitty airwalker balloon and heart shape Hello Kitty balloons which will make an attractive center piece for your girl’s birthday party.

Party Wholesale Centre
6445 0508

#2. Birthday Banner


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Add a birthday banner with personalized message and photo will make your kid’s birthday look important and impressive. The cost of printing a personalized banner range from $30 and above, depending on the size. You can approach Signtech as it is one of the shops who specialize in printings birthday banners and backdrop displays. There are 5 designs of Hello Kitty birthday banners to choose from and comes in various size such as 5 feet x 2 feet, 4 feet x 3 feet and 6 feet x 3 feet.

Chin’s Signtech
Tel: 6846 1630


#3. Hello Kitty Cake Toppers


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A cake topper is a little figurine put on top of the cake to make it more visual stunning. There are many ready-made Hello Kitty Cake toppers available. They are normally sold as a set, as shown in the picture, there are 6 pieces in one set. These can be found at Efunzshop where the Hello Kitty come in different outfits. Each figurine is made of rubber, plastic and about 5cm in height. Price range from $10-$20 per set. Other figurines include Hello Kitty flatback, mini Hello kitty head, cat sweets set and cat blink eye set are some of the popular cake toppers sold here.

Tel: 8163 4532


We are not done with the above yet, there will be part 2 coming soon. It will cover Hello Kitty outfits, partywares and tablewares so if you are interested, don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list for more update on “Hello Kitty Birthday Party Themed Ideas”.