Best CNY Treasure Pot Deals in 2019

January 17, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Chinese New Year,Occasions

Looking for a recommendation for a nice Treasure Pot or Pen Cai for this coming Chinese New Year?

Nowadays, you are spoilt for choices as there are so many variety and style of CNY Treasure Pots available but they come with a huge price tag. The price of Treasure Pots are always insanely expensive during the Chinese New Year period and the more you procrastinate and the more expensive they are. Therefore, if you want less damage to your wallet then act early as many restaurants and caterers offer free complimentary side dishes to encourage early ordering.

We have found out a few value-for-money Treasure Pots which bundled with free mouth-watering side dishes for the early birds. For example, Yu Sheng, a whole roasted duck, drumlets, glutinous rice and Nian Gao (CNY cake). Check out the list below and act now to snatch up the early bird offers.

CNY Fortune Pot Set

If you have no time and want a fuss-free reunion dinner for 10 person, Raffles Treat offers a CNY Fortune Pot set which will meet your needs. The CNY Fortune set consists of the following items:

  • Abalone Ginseng Chicken Soup (鲍鱼人参鸡汤)
  • Abalone with Pork Belly ‘Dong Po’ (鲍鱼东波肉)
  • Glutinous Rice with Abalone & Chinese Sausage (鲍鱼腊味糯米饭)
  • Fa Cai Yu Sheng w Sliced Abalone (Small) (鲍鱼发财鱼生) (小)

To encourage early-bird orders, they are giving away free complementary items for the first 50 customers so if you are interested, place your order early.

Free Complementary Items for Early Bird Order:

  • Roasted Chicken Drumlets (70 pcs) (烤翅小腿) (70 支)
  • Seafood Ngoh Hiang Roll (30 pcs) (海鲜五香卷) (30 条)
  • Chicken Yakitori with Sauce (100 sticks) (日式鸡肉串) (100 串)

Caterer: Raffles Treats
Serve: 10 pax
Prices:  $683.52 for 10 pax (Price valid from 28th January to 3rd Feb 2019.)
How to Order: Call 6100 0029 to order or order from
Delivery Fee: Free delivery for orders above $200.


Prosperous Treasure Pot

Gim Tim is famous for its “Buddha jumps over the Wall” and you can expect the same standard for its CNY Prosperous Treasure Pot. Its treasure pot comes with two sizes – the small treasure pot serves about 6 person while the big pot serves about 10 person. If you order before 21st January 2019, you can get a free whole Roasted Duck and Yu Sheng so don’t miss out the early bird special! Place your order early.

Free Complementary Items for Early Bird Order:

  • Whole Roasted Duck
  • Yu Sheng

Restaurant: Gim Tim Group of Restaurants
Serve: 6 pax (S) / 10 pax (L)
Ingredients in the Pot:

  • 10 Head Abalone高级鲍鱼
  • Dried Oysters 蚝豉
  • Soya Sauce Chicken 油鸡
  • Roasted Duck 烧鸭
  • BBQ Pork 烧肉
  • Fresh Prawns 大海虾
  • Bamboo Shoot 枝竹
  • Dried Scallops 干贝
  • Fish Maw鱼鳔
  • Lotus Roots莲藕
  • Sea Moss发菜
  • Chinese cabbage津白菜
  • Sea Cucumber海参
  • Dried Mushroom花菇
  • Radish萝卜
  • Chinese Celery唐芹菜

Prices:  $288 6 pax (S) / $388 10 pax (L)
How to Order: Call 6553 2777 or order at
Where to Collect: Pick up at Imperial Court, 190 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, #03-01, The Grassroots’ Club, Singapore 568046.
Collection Time: 12am to 8pm

Swatow Restaurant Prosperity Abalone Treasure Pot

Swatow Seafood Restaurant is offering $488 Pen Cai which will appeal to those who love Teochew style of cooking. In addition, they offer four CNY freebies along with their abalone treasure pot which considered a good deal when compared to other Pen Cai available in the market. The four CNY freebies include chilled Teochew prosperity Yu Sheng, Teochew Koi Fish “Nian Gao”, Teochew Braised Sliced Duck Meat and Teochew fragrant rice wrapped in lotus leaf. Together with the Treasure pot, they make quite a completed set of reunion dinner for a small family.

Free Complementary Items for Early Bird Order:

  • Teochew prosperity Yu Sheng
  • Teochew Koi Fish “Nian Gao”
  • Teochew Braised Sliced Duck Meat
  • Teochew fragrant rice wrapped in lotus leaf

Restaurant: Swatow Seafood Restaurant
Serve: 10 pax
Ingredients in the Pot:

  • Australian Abalone鲍鱼
  • Sea Cucumber海参
  • Fish Maw花胶
  • Dried Scallops带子
  • Pork Trotters猪蹄
  • Pork Tendon猪脚筋
  • Beancurd Skin腐皮券
  • Fatt Choy 发菜
  • Mustard Leaf芥菜
  • Lotus Roots莲藕
  • Mushroom 香菇
  • Superior Stock 上汤

Prices:  $488 (10 pax)
Date Available: 19 Jan 2019 – 19 Feb 2019
How to Order: Order from and self collection from below address.
Where to Collect: Blk 181 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh #02-602, Singapore 310181.
Collection Time: 11am to 3pm


Treasure Pot with Abalone

The traditional treasure pot from Mouth Restaurant is packed with flavourful authentic ingredients. They used premium ingredients which came from countries like Japan, Australia and USA and are simmered for hours to make them juicy and tender. You can pamper your family this year with this pot of treasures and you can get traditional glutinous rice and abalone Yu Sheng if you order early.

Free Complementary Items for Early Bird Order:

  • Traditional Glutinous Rice
  • Abalone Yu Sheng

Restaurant: Mouth Restaurant (地茂館)
Serve: 6 pax (S) / 10 pax (L)
Ingredients in the Pot:

  • 10 head Japanese Abalone日本十头鲍鱼
  • Sea Cucumber海参
  • Fish Maw养颜鱼鳔
  • Deshelled Whole Prawn深海鲜虾球
  • Japanese Conpoy 日本宗谷瑶柱
  • HK Style Black Dace Fish Ball港式鲮鱼球
  • Japanese Mushroom日本花菇
  • Chicken Mid Joint Wing鸡中翅
  • Stewed Pork Belly Meat特级卤三层肉
  • Fresh Bean Root枝竹
  • Australian Broccoli 澳洲西兰花
  • Chinese Cabbage大白菜
  • Lotus Root莲藕
  • Sea Moss新疆发菜
  • Taro白萝卜
  • USA Maple Leaf Duck美国枫叶鸭
  • Abalone Stock上汤鲍鱼汁

Prices:  $288 (6 pax)  / $388 (10 pax)
How to Order: Order from
Where to Collect: Self collection at the following outlets:

  • Chinatown Square Central
  • Marina Square

Collection Time: 11.30am to 7pm


Prosperity Seafood Treasure Pot

Seafood lovers will love this prosperity seafood treasure pot prepared by Gim Tim Restaurant even though it does not offer any free goodies. It makes it to our list because of the convenience as all the ingredients are packed in a 32cm stainless steel pot with separate stock (total weight about 3.2kg) and can be re-heated easily on the induction cookers or stoves. In other word, the steel pot is a good news for those who had experienced their Pen Cai being delivered in cracked clay pot, you will not have this problem with a stainless steel pot. It is even better as you can put the whole pot directly on the induction cookers or stoves to heat up without the need to cook each items separately like other Pen Cai. It is a “value-for-money” treasure pot considered the convenience and

Distributor: The Seafood Company
Serve: 6 pax
Ingredients in the Pot:

  • 300g Tiger Prawn 老虎虾
  • 200g Japanese Scallops日本带子
  • 200g Dragon Grouper Slice石斑鱼片
  • 6 pcs Braised Abalone鲍鱼
  • 800g Lotus Roots莲藕
  • 300g Sea Cucumber海参
  • 300g Flower Crab 花蟹
  • 300g Half Shell Scallop半扇贝
  • 800g Radish 萝卜

Prices:  $128 (6 pax)
How to Order: Order from for delivery or self collect as below address.
Where to Collect: Self collection at No. 4 Defu Lane 9, Singapore 539246.
Collection Time: Mon-Fri 91m – 6pm & Sat 9am to 1pm


Hope you can pick a “value-for-money” Treasure Pot from one of the above list for your reunion dinner and save some money. Also, don’t forget to check the date, term and condition to avoid any disappointment before purchase.

We wish you and your family have a Happy Lunar New Year and happy feasting!