Balloons Decoration: Add Sparkles to Your Party

April 19, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Party Accessories

Balloons are popular and a must have accessories for any party decoration. The pretty and colorful balloons will not only uplift everyone’s spirit but also add a festive atmosphere to your party. Today, there are many type of balloons available that come in different materials, shapes, sizes and colors. You as the party designer or party host will be overwhelmed with great choices. Knowing the different type of balloons and its unique attributes will help in planning your party decoration. Hence, in this post, we will look at some of the different types of unique balloons that can add some “wow” factor to your party decoration.

Giant Balloons

If you want a simple and cost effective party decoration but still want to impress your guests, try this giant air balloons. These super big round balloons are visually stunning in a big room or open space as they can be inflated to 48 inch (121cm) in size but still sturdy enough for game. Throw the giant balloons to your group of guests and let it bounce around them and have fun. If you are going to have the giant balloons for kid’s birthday party, fill it up with sweets and confetti, it will make a great piñata as well.

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Jumbo Confetti Balloons

If you can get that only one balloon for your party decoration, you should try this 36 inch transparent jumbo confetti balloon. It contains multi-color confetti and is ideal for proposal, wedding and birthday party decorations. The size of the balloon will definitely make it a center of attraction and is a good instagrammable subject.

The giant balloons come with ready filled with multi-color confetti and ship uninflated due to the added weight of the confetti, it will shorten the float time when filled with helium so only fill up when you event is about to start.

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LED Helium Balloons

Want to add some sparkles to your party at night, you may want to get these LED helium balloons. The glistening light will make the balloons look amazingly impressive at night.  It can be a great birthday party gift as well as a party decoration and definitely will get everybody talking about it even after the party.

If you need idea how to set up a LED helium balloons, check out the youtube video here. Do note that the LED copper light is wrapped around the balloon and is not inside the balloon as some of you may think.

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Animal Airwalker Balloons

These aluminum foil animal airwalker balloons are a great birthday party decoration. Once the airwalker balloons are inflated with helium or hydrogen, they can be used as a toy and children can walk with their airwalker balloon toy dogs for fun. It can be bought in a pack and it comes with 12 pieces of different dogs design and can be inflated quickly for use and deflated for recycle in future. They are other animal airwalker balloons available such as cow, horse, pig, duck, chicken and sheep. Great for animal theme kid’s birthday party.

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Superhero Airwalker Balloons

If your kids love superhero, they will love these superhero airwalker balloons. Check out the Spiderman, Ironman and Batman airwalker balloons. They are about the height of a 5 or 6 years old kid so kids will be amazed having a superhero airwalker balloons at their superhero themed birthday parties.

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Dinosaur Balloon

Kids love Tyrannosaurus (T-rex) dinosaur so this cute 35 inch (about 89cm) high quality foil dinosaur balloon is great for kid’s birthday party decoration. It can be either used as a party decoration for dinosaur themed birthday party or give as a birthday gift. Once the dinosaur balloon is filled with helium, it can be dragged around just like a pet so the little guests will have fun entertaining themselves.  Get another Supersaurus dinosaur balloon if the T-rex dinosaur is not your kid’s cup of tea.

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Chalkboard Balloons with Pen Set

These unique balloons come with a pen where you can write personalised message on the balloons and use them to decorate your birthday party. You can also give the balloons to your party guests and let them write personal messages or well wishes for the birthday celebrant. A great way to get everybody involve and have fun in the party.

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Electric Balloon Blower Pump / Electric Balloon Air Inflator

If you are going to pump up a bunch of balloons for party decoration but short of breath, you will need this electric balloon inflator to help you. This lightweight and portable electric balloon inflator is simple to operate and comes with two modes – auto and semi-auto modes where you can inflate the balloons quickly with air. You can save time inflating the balloons and quickly decorate the party venue with balloon arch frame, balloon bouquets and balloon flowers if you can ever possibly think of.

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Electric Balloon Pump

This is another electric balloon air pump that will help you to speed up the balloon inflation process if you need 200 to 300 of balloons in a couple of hours. It is easy to use, fast and quiet and some users could pump up to 500 balloons without overheating.

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Now it is up to your creativity to utilize the above beautiful balloons to add flair to your party but if there is no party shop or balloon store near you, fret not! Check out the and get the balloons deliver right to your doorstep.  Get creative and have fun with your balloon party decoration.