Chinese New Year Unusual & Special Dishes Delivery for Reunion Dinner

January 21, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Chinese New Year

The Chinese reunion dinner is considered one of the most important occasions for every Chinese family. It is a special dinner dine on the eve of the Chinese New Year, every family will try their best to prepare a sumptuous feast so that the whole family will enjoy good luck, prosperity and wealth throughout the year.

These days, everyone is busy and some might be still working on the eve of the Chinese New Year, there is probably not enough time to prepare lavish and complicated meals. The quickest way you could do is turn to caterers for help but most likely your family members are already sick and tired of buffet food. Fortunately, there’s still alternative – you can either order a take-away from restaurants or order special dishes delivery to your home. The latter option is a great option if you can cook some simple dishes for example, you could steam a fish or boil a soup and with the ordered dishes, you still could have a sumptuous feast for your reunion dinner.

Here are some caterers who provide special dishes delivery.


If you love dipping your bun with curry chicken, you would love adding a Golden Pillow Abalone Curry Chicken Bun to your reunion dinner. It’s not only sounds auspicious but also a great presentable festive dish for your reunion dinner. Some recommended dishes from Golden Pillow include:

  1. Golden Pillow Abalone Curry Chicken Bun $38.80
  2. Assam Fish Head $25
  3. Braised Fish Head $25
  4. Prosperity “Poon Choi” (for 6 pax) $188

They have other dishes available, check out their website for more information.


How about some lifting of the fingers and made your family members DIY their own dinner? This is unusual but some families do enjoy rolling Popiah for their reunion dinner. Fortune Food offers ready-made Popiah ingredients and skin so what you do is just roll it up and eat. Check out their offers for the Chinese New Year.

  1. DIY Popiah Set ($28 per set for 15 pieces)
  2. DIY Muah Chee Set ($30 per set for 15-20 servings)
  3. DIY Kueh Pie Ti Set ($32 per set for 50 pieces)
  4. DIY Laksa Set ($47 per set, 18-29 small bowls)
  5. Handmade Popiah Skin ($19 per kg, about 30 pieces)



Break the tradition and add a little Japanese taste to your Lunar New Year dinner. Besides the usual Sushi, Sakae also have special Chinese New Year Party Set for this Chinese New Year.

  1. Rong Yu Sheng Success $29.88(Raw fish salad for 2-3 pax)
  2. Rong Yu Sheng Money $43.88(Raw fish salad for 4-5 pax)
  3. Rong Yu Sheng Longevity $59.88(Raw fish salad for 6-7 pax)
  4. San Yang Kai Tai $58.88(One Sushi set and free Umeshu Plum Sake with this order.)
  5. Xi Qi Yang Yang $68.88(One Sushi set and free Umeshu Plum Sake with this order.)
  6. Ji xiang Umami Platter $42.88(One deep fried platter and free Umeshu Plum Sake with this order.)
  7. Ru Yi Zensai Platter $46.88(A mixture of salmon sashimi slices, peas and free Umeshu Plum Sake with this order.)
  8. Golden Bundle Set $128.88(One Yu Sheng and Sushi set.)
  9. Fortune Bundle Set $168.88 (One Yu Sheng, Sushi & deep fried platter set.)
  10. Prosperity Bundle Set $188.88 (One Yu Sheng, Sushi, deep fried & mixture platter set.)



Those who love Nyonya cuisine may want to add a touch of Peranakan flavor to your reunion dinner. Violet Oon’s kitchen offers western food but with a twist of Pernankan flavor. The food are packed in a neat, attractive party trays which is ideal for big family who is organizing their reunion dinner as a Lunar New Year party.

  1. Nonya Yu Sheng $48++
  2. Babi Chin $85++
  3. Sambal Udang ($98++)
  4. Buah Keluak Ayam
  5. Chap Chye



If you enjoy seafood, you will sure enjoy the seafood platters offer by Fassler Gourmet. They are popular for their fresh salmon, smoked salmon, king prawns and scallops. They have conveniently packed their seafood into platters and in different weight. They are in 1kg, 1.5kg and 2kg.

  1. Japanese Seafood Feast ($73.90 for 1kg)
  2. Sashimi & Takaki Platter ($80 for 1 kg)
  3. Seafood Antipasto Platter ($65.90 for 1kg)
  4. Salmon Sashimi Platter ($67.50 for 1kg)
  5. Smoked Salmon Platter ($65.90 for 1kg)

You can check out the details and prices here.


The above are some good alternatives which you can add on to your reunion dinner without sweating too much in the kitchen. Unlike buffet foods, they are unique and different in flavor so hopefully your family would enjoy a unique and happy reunion dinner!