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House of Dim Sum

Craving for Chinese Dim Sum for your gathering party? Now you can get the Dim Sum Set deliver to you and share with your guests. Alternatively you can order each person a Dim Sum Bento Set if you pref

Cornery Pop Corn

Looking for some healthy snacks for your birthday party? How about some popcorn? They are no ordinary popcorn but we have savoury and candied popcorn that you will be spoilt for choices. It includes t

Peach Garden Chinese Restaurant

Peach Garden offers auspicious Longevity Buns or Shou Tao at different packages at below: 38 Pieces of Longevity Buns (without leaf) $52.86 68 Pieces of Longevity Buns (without leaf) $94.59 88 Pieces

Pastry Den

Pastry Den provides desserts and pastries for parties and specialise in setting mouth-watering dessert table. We partnered with different confectioneries to bring you wide range of pastries including


How about some icy cool popsicles for a birthday party in hot and humid day? Our frozen, sweet and healthy ice pops are an excellent treat for a hot, scorching and burning day. We have thirteen na

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

We offer not only gourmet coffee or tea but gourmet party packs as well for your birthday party celebration either at home or in the office. You will have a good range of party packs to choose from,

The Royals

We are Singapore number one Halal cake specialist and provide a wide range of delicious cakes, pies, puffs, cookies, bread, finger foods and party packs. We have different party packs cater for diffe

Kane Mochi

Do you like mochi? How about ice cream in mochi? They make a perfect gourmet sweet snack for parties. Besides the standard flavors, our ice cream mochi are also available in premium flavours such as

The Sng Bao Society

Weather is hot hot! Are you craving for some icy cooling Sng Bao to cool down. Our exciting colourful frozen treats will not only cool you down but add some coolness to your party too. Get some of our

Fancy Delight

We make delicious and unique custard egg tarts, both sweet and savoury for every occasions. Our Oreo Cheesecake Tart is popular among kids and Durian Egg Tarts are for die-hard Durian fans. We even ha


Nothing beat the heat by having cool refreshing popsicles from Momolato, These popsicles contain no preservative and artificial colouring so they are ideal for children birthday party. They are fru

Old Chang Kee

You may have tried our curry puff but we also provide Old Chang Kee Party Platter for all sort of parties and gatherings. Our party platter cater for 10-15 persons and consists of the following items: