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How to attract more Customers?

Do a birthday promotion as there are people looking for restaurant or cafe for birthday celebration every day! To find ready birthday crowd, you can list your restaurant / cafe details in our directory as we have visitors looking for the best place to celebrate birthday. Click on the below button now to try it free today.

Birthday is a big event as it is a special day for every one of us so it’s naturally we will look forward for a good birthday celebration and happy birthday treats. Food is our national passion so it’s not surprising that the birthday celebrants will always search for food during their birthday celebration. This can be seem from the common searches found online such as the following:

  1. Where to eat for my birthday?
  2. Where to go for birthday breakfast, lunch or dinner?
  3. Which restaurant has birthday month promotion?
  4. What are the best restaurants for birthday?
  5. Which restaurant offer free meals for my birthday?
  6. Restaurants to celebrate birthday
  7. Restaurant Birthday Specials

Golden Opportunity to Attract New Customers

People are either looking for the best birthday treats for themselves or finding the best places for birthday celebration for their family, friends and co-workers? As a business, it is a golden opportunity to utilize birthday promotion as one of your restaurant or café marketing strategy especially with birthday freebies and deals for birthday celebrant. This will help to bring in more customers as birthday celebrant like to celebrate in a group.

Therefore, if your restaurant or cafe is new and thinking of ways to attract more customers then try a birthday promotion. See some of birthday promotion ideas as below:

  • Birthday Month Promotion
  • Birthday Buffet Promotion
  • Birthday Dining Promotion
  • Birthday Breakfast Treats
  • Birthday Brunch Treats
  • Birthday Lunch Treats
  • Birthday Dinner Treats
  • Birthday Treats for Kids & Adults
  • Special Birthday Treats
  • Birthday Treats for Girls
  • Birthday Treats for Boys
  • Birthday Treats for Office Workers
  • Healthy Birthday Treats
  • Vegan Birthday Treats
  • Birthday Sweet Treats
  • Dine Free on Your Birthday

Free Birthday Promotions Listing

If your restaurant or cafe has birthday promotion already in place, you are welcome to list them in our directory for free. We are the first birthday celebration directory in Singapore and we allocate an exclusive category just for restaurants or cafes birthday promotion listing, see birthday category here. Doing so will help our website visitors to find their ideal birthday celebration places quickly so go ahead, click on the button below and click on “Free Package” to add your restaurant or cafe now!


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Membership Sign Up

For those restaurants or cafes who want to enjoy optimum benefits of your birthday promotion program, we have a special membership program. Paid members will not only enjoy Featured Listing, Google Map to show your location and Top of Category to stand out of your competitors.

In addition, members will enjoy the following benefits*:

  • 1 Free Birthday eCard with Coupon Offer
  • Free Email Promotion to our In-house List
  • 20% Off for Birthday Menu Design

So create some surprises to excite your new customers now with fantastic birthday treats and delightful offers.

BONUS: First 10 customers who sign up will be added to the blog post “Best Restaurant / Cafe Birthday Deals”.

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