CNY Steamboat Buffet Delivery in Singapore

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Steamboat is one of Chinese favorite meal especially during the Chinese New Year as the round steamboat pot signifies reunion. Many families choose to have steamboat for their reunion dinners as it is easy to set up and eat. Compare to cooking a reunion feast or Pen Cai (盆菜), the steamboat is less laborious but one still needs considerable effort to shop for all the ingredients; wash and cut them separately. In addition, massive efforts and times are required to get a good steamboat soup base and dipping sauce. Eventually, all these processes equate to the amount of efforts required to cook an elaborate CNY feast.

However, fret not because today you can find different type of steamboat catering in Singapore which cater specially just for your needs. All the steamboat ingredients are washed, cut, marinated, packed and delivered straight to your home. This will save you the headache of thinking where to buy all the steamboat ingredients. The steamboat caterers provide different soup base, dipping sauces and they even provide a whole set of steamboat cooking pot and utensils for you.

So if you want to get a steamboat home delivery in Singapore, check out the list below.

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot (海底捞)

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot is one of the few steamboat caterers in Singapore who can provide nice steamboat delivery even for two person (Set Meal A $98++). Other steamboat delivery sets include Set Meal B ($158++), Set Meal C ($258++) and Set Meal D ($328++). Unfortunately, they are not providing CNY steamboat menu delivery during the Chinese New Year period (27th – 28th Jan 2017). So if you want to try them out, you have to wait until they resume their business on 29th Jan.

Price: $98-$148++

Tel: 6509 4111 (@313) / 6509 4222 (@IMM)


How to Order:  Order online at

Delivery Fee: $4 per km, cap at $50.

Deliver Time: 12pm – 9pm

Happy Pot Steamboat

Happy Pot Steamboat called their steamboat as hot pot as their steamboat pot look like those China-style Sichuan hot pot. Inside the pot, you will find two soup bases which include the Double-Boiled Chicken Broth and ABC Tomato Broth. They have three type of steamboat packages for their steamboat delivery services and they are the Casual Mix, Meat Deluxe and Seafood Premium. The deluxe and premium package can cater up to 30 people so if you are having a big crowd then consider ordering these packages for your family gathering.

Price: $70.15-$467.10

Tel: 9171 2821


How to Order:  Order online at

Delivery Fee: $10

Pang Catering

As its name already tell, the Pang Catering caters to big crowd with minimum quantity of at least one hundred people. If you are organizing a corporate or community event with large crowd, you can engage their steamboat delivery services and get it deliver and setup at your appointed venue. Besides the usual steamboat raw food for their steamboat packages, they also come with cooked food like fried rice, dessert and beverage. A complete meal to fill the tummy of your big crowd.

Price: $10.80++ per person (minimum 100 pax)

Tel: 6288 8551


How to Order:  Order online at

Delivery Fee: $30-$45

Makanmate Steamboat Package

The steamboat package from Makanmate is available via (a food ordering website). Unlike other steamboat catering, Makanmate offer vegetarians an option to select Vegetable Clear Soup as their steamboat soup base. In addition, you can request to change some of their steamboat meat items to vegetarian items if you need to. Definitely a good news if you have vegan guests who want to enjoy steamboat and bond with your family members.

Price: $18.80++ per person

Tel: 6100 0029


How to Order:  Order online at

Delivery Fee: $35++

Mr Steamboat (火锅先生)

Compared to the rest of steamboat caterers, Mr Steamboat offers more soups base than their competitors so you are not limited to just only Chicken or Tom Yam Soup. Other options of soup base include Bak Kut Teh Soup, Mushroom Soup, Pork Bone Cone Soup and Yuan Yang Soup.
Mr Steamboat CNY Package consist of two packages, you can either choose from the 6-person package or 10-person package for your reunion dinner. If you have more than 10 person, you can call them for special CNY steamboat package.

Price: $208 nett (serve 6 persons) / $258 nett (serve 10 persons)

Tel: 8102 7520


How to Order: Order online at
(CNY surcharge of $30 will be waived for orders before 20th January 2017)

Delivery Fee: Free Delivery applies for local address only, delivery start only at 1.30pm.

Reunion Steamboat Delivery

The Chinese New Year package from Reunion Steamboat is good enough to serve 10 to 12 person. Their steamboat consists of meat, seafood, vegetables and other ingredients. You can choose the normal Chicken Soup base or Mala Soup base if you prefer spicy soup. Every order will come with free abalone during the festive promotion period and get $20 off before 10th Jan 2017.

Price: $488 (Serve 10-12 persons)

Tel: 6243 7243 / 8799 9089


How to Order: Order online at  (Order now and get $20 off before 10th Jan 2017)

Delivery Fee: $25 (delivery on 27 Jan 2017)

The Steamboat Specialist

The Steamboat Specialist gives you the option to choose four items from their 5 pax Steamboat Package or six items from 10 pax Steamboat Package. This is good as you do not end up eating the same items all the time for steamboat meal.

Price: $88 (Serve 5 pax) / $168 (Serve 10 pax)

Tel: 9824 9948


How to Order: Order online at

Delivery Fee: $10-15

Delivery Time: 10am to 8pm

Steamboat Ingredients Delivery without Cooking Equipment


Mmmm is a modern butchery and grocery mart. Unlike other steamboat caterers, they provide steamboat ingredients delivery only without the cooking equipment or utensils. However, they provide more options as you can order not only CNY steamboat ingredients package but also the Mookata Package and Yakiniku Package. The last two packages are ideal for people who prefer grill and BBQ food then steamboat cooked food. You can also order other Ala Carte items if you have more guests joining you during the CNY gathering.

Price: $78-$288

Tel: 6473 8292 (Anchorpoint) / 6604 9015 (Changi City Point)


How to Order: Order online at

Delivery Fee: Free delivery for orders above $200


If you want more flexibility in the choice of steamboat ingredients, you can purchase from your friendly neighborhood market, Cold Storage, Fairprice or Giant. However if you want a fuss-free reunion dinner and save all the cleaning and washing, it is still easier to get a steamboat home delivery services.
We wish you good luck in finding the best CNY steamboat home catering.

Gong Xi Fa Cai and enjoy your happy reunion dinner!